Gerd Ludwig Photography





Visitors to Toronto marvel at the architectural multiplicity within a highly developed urban setting, the cleanliness and the safety of its streets, dubbing it: a New York run by the Swiss.

Set on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto has grown from a once stalwart Anglican community to a popular destination for immigrants seeking opportunity. This has turned the city into a thriving multicultural center where immigrant neighborhoods weave a colorful tapestry of languages and customs. New arrivals almost always find their cultures, traditions and religions surviving unhampered within the many overlapping communities that comprise this vital urban patchwork.

This photographic portrait of Toronto – originally produced for National Geographic magazine and exhibited in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 1996 as a show of 35 fine art prints – features unusual views of major Toronto landmarks, vistas of the city’s skyline and funky street scenes, but concentrates on Toronto’s role as a multi-ethnic center of the North.