Gerd Ludwig Photography



Sleeping Cars Exhibit at Fahey Klein Gallery by Epson


In the spring of 2016, the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles presented my exhibition Sleeping Cars. The exhibit featured large scale photographs of resting cars at night throughout Los Angeles.

Undeniably the city of cars; these vehicles are the blood in the veins of Los Angeles. I documented where these iconic Los Angeles inhabitants reside at night— tucked into driveways, proudly displayed in front of homes, glowing under street lamps, covered with tarps or simply left bare. The viewer is invited to become a voyeur, secretly watching with me where these cars go to rest at night.

Printed by fine art printmaker R. Mac Holbert in Ashland, OR, Sleeping Cars was the first exhibition printed on Epson’s brand-new SureColor P20000 printer with nine-color pigment ink and four-color gray technology on Epson Legacy Platine paper. The combination of paper and ink increases the permanence of the prints under UV glass up to 200 years for color prints (400 years for b/w) and offers a wider color gamut and higher dmax than previous combinations.

In the video, director Dan Steinhardt (Epson America Inc.) interviews David Fahey, Mac Holbert and me about the creative processes of photographing and printmaking behind my Sleeping Cars project.