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Exhibition: Cold War Spaces at the Wende Museum


Culver City’s Wende Museum is best described as a repository of Cold War-era artifacts from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Tucked away in an obscured office park for more than a decade it has found a new home at the revamped National Guard Armory in Culver City, CA. According to its founder and executive director Justinian A. Jampol the museum’s mission is to preserve Cold War-era history as a way to learn from the past and understand how it continues to impact the present.

The Wende Museum will reopen in its new home with a paid gala on November 18 and a free opening to the public on November 19.

The inaugural exhibit “Cold War Spaces,” explores public, private, secret, utopian, and changing spaces of socialist cultures and includes four 30x40 inch photographic prints from Gerd Ludwig’s body of work ‘The Long Shadow of Chernobyl’.

More about the Wende Museum here

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