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"Sleeping Cars" Exhibition at the Fahey/Klein Gallery


Gerd Ludwig presents Sleeping Cars at the Fahey/Klein Gallery, an exhibition of work documenting Sleeping Cars in Los Angeles. The exhibition features large scale photographs of resting cars at night. Undeniably the city of cars; these vehicles are the blood in the veins of Los Angeles. Ludwig documents where these iconic Los Angeles inhabitants reside at night— tucked into driveways, proudly displayed in front of homes, glowing under street lamps, covered with tarps or simply left bare. The viewer is invited to become a voyeur, documenting alongside Gerd Ludwig where these cars go to rest at night.

Sleeping Cars will be on display at the Fahey/Klein Gallery from February 4 through March 19, 2016, with a reception for the artist on February 4 from 7-9pm. Gerd Ludwig will give a talk and Q&A session at the gallery on Saturday, March 12, at 11am.

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