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Digital Vision in Low Light, Lecture at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Capturing quality images at extremely high ISO's is one of digital technology's most important advances—particularly in the areas of photojournalism and documentary photography. In this seminar, Gerd Ludwig will discuss how these developments provide huge advantages in low light situations and offer greater physical mobility during difficult assignments. Ludwig will show how extremely high ISO digital capture has made handheld strobes a more powerful tool and will share his use of natural light combined with hand-held flash to emphasize his message, offer a sense of place, maintain atmosphere and create a personal vision. Ludwig's stories for National Geographic exemplify his use of "digital vision" to cover subjects that are impossible to explore otherwise. He will also cover how a story idea moves from proposal to published article and how to expand an editorial assignment into a long-term personal project. Finally, Ludwig will share his secrets to surviving in today's marketplace, using crowd-funding, social networking and new media to get personal projects financed and seen by a wider audience.

Sponsored by Canon USA, the 2-hour seminar takes place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on Friday, October 31st from 10:15am-12:15pm.

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