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To commemorate the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster 25 years after the accident, Gerd Ludwig plans to return to the reactor and the areas around it to investigate the state of contamination to the land; to report on the progress of its cleanup; and to examine the health consequences in the fallout regions. As traditional media outlets struggle financially, the funding for these long-term projects must now come from outside sources. Using the website Kickstarter, this fundraising campaign will help to generate interest in the project, and allow the public to financially support this important story. The resulting coverage will be shown in exhibitions, and distributed via self-publishing and new media applications. The first exhibit will open in May 2011 at the Horizonte Photo Festival in Germany where Jürgen Trittin, former Federal Minister for the Environment in Germany, and now Chairman of the German Green Party, has agreed to be the patron for the exhibition, "DER LANGE SCHATTEN VON TSCHERNOBYL/The Long Shadow of Chernobyl" and will help to bring a focus of environmental awareness to the event.

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