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Founded by Frank Evers and Daniel Power, The New York Photo Festival is a world-class photo festival dedicated to the future of contemporary photography. During the 2009 event, the "New Documentations" Special Screening shines a spotlight on powerful new in depth work by leading photographers, examining themes through documentary photography that is informed by personal, self-aware or a critical perspective.

"New Documentations" provides a riveting and insightful point of view on issues, subjects and stories, which are both new and familiar to the photographer and the viewer. It is about us, our world, and the premise that our ability to effect change comes from deep personal connections and a profound understanding of who we are.

Gerd Ludwig's work, Russia: A Phoenix Rising From the Ashes of a Broken Empire is part of the "New Documentations Screening" and he is a participant in a panel discussion moderated by ICP curator Robert Blake.

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