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In association with MOPLA, Month of Photography - Los Angeles (see below), Gerd Ludwig’s workshop titled “Magazine Stories for the Documentary Photographer” is being held April 13 through April 17 at Gerd’s spacious home and office in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. This intensive 5-day course, for photographers who want to take their editorial or personal work to the next level, focuses on the logistical, technical, and structural aspects of developing long-term stories - balancing objectivity with personal vision in photojournalism and documentary photography. After individual portfolio reviews, Gerd shares the personal methods and techniques he uses to create his own color work, such as story research; how to approach a subject and establish trust; choice of lenses, light, flash, and filters to capture mood and content; the essentials of color composition; establishing a sense of place; and other working methods of National Geographic photographers. Workshop participants will be encouraged to take professional risks to produce top quality work worthy of publication.

Workshop Fee: $950 For more information or to sign up go to: - workshops


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