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Capturing a dazzling variety of photographs from every corner of the planet, WIDE ANGLE: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GREATEST PLACES is the final companion volume to the New York Times bestsellers "Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs" and "In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits". WIDE ANGLE completes a trilogy that spans the globe and sweeps across more than a century of dramatic photography. Gerd Ludwig took the cover photograph of this 504-page, coffee-table book, lavishly illustrated with 260 photographs selected from National Geographic's archive of 10.5 million images. The photos, many never before published, showcase the work of 120 photographers, including Sam Abell, William Albert Allard, Jodi Cobb, Steve McCurry, David Alan Harvey, Chris Johns, and George Steinmetz. Edited by Leah Bendavid-Val, the book is divided into 12 chapters, each introduced by award-winning cultural writer and critic Ferdinand Protzman, who reflects on the many ways people experience and relate to places and pictures of places.

In addition to its U.S release, the book will also be published internationally in 11 countries: Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Spain. A selection of images from WIDE ANGLE will be on display at the National Geographic Museum at Explorers Hall, and Gerd will depart on a nationwide book and PR tour beginning in October 2005 and running through January 2006 and will include the following television and radio appearances: CNN Headline News (New York, NY); CNN International (Atlanta/Los Angeles, CA); "The Influentials" ABC News Now (New York,NY); Northwest Cable News, Fox News/KCPQ-TV (Seattle, WA); KPRI-FM “Morning Show”, KNTV-TV (NBC 11), KPIX-TV/CBS 5 (San Francisco, CA); "Fox In The Morning" XETA FOX6, KSCO-AM/(Santa Cruz) “Good Morning Monterey Bay” (San Diego, CA); NBC Satellite TV Tour (Los Angeles, CA); Bulgarian TV (Sofia).

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