Presentation at the Lumix Festival in Hanover

The Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany is the largest festival for emerging photojournalists in Germany. This year, Gerd Ludwig will share his experiences as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine for over 25 years during a lecture presentation on Saturday, June 21st.

For more information please visit the Lumix Festival online.

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl Photo Book Opening and Exhibition in Vienna

Gerd Ludwig’s 20-year retrospective photo book, The Long Shadow of Chernobyl, published by Edition Lammerhuber will be officially launched on May 13th at a press conference and book release event during the opening night for The Long Shadow of Chernobyl exhibition at the Natural History Museum Vienna. On May 14th, a panel discussion will also take place at the Natural History Museum Vienna. A preview of the book at Frick, a renowned and historical book shop in Vienna will occur on May 12th at Frick.

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On April 25th, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven will become the site of one of the most memorable exhibitions of its kind – The Power of the Image. The exhibition will feature more than 200 works by 20 internationally-renowned professional photographers, including Pep Bonet, Michael Crouser, Lauren Greenfield, Peter Guttman, Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Nadav Kander, Frederic LaGrange, Yann Layma, Roman Loranc, Gerd Ludwig, Steve McCurry, Eric Meola, Sylvia Plachy, John Sexton, Matthew Jordan Smith, Eddie Soloway, Art Streiber, Joyce Tenneson, Art Wolfe and Qin Yuhai.

Organized and developed by the Beijing Fuhai Culture Company, Kodak Alaris and supported by the Tencent Website, the “Power of the Image” is hosted by the China Public Relation Association, George Eastman House, and the Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks, Beijing Association of Parks. The multi-faceted program includes the exhibition at the Temple of Heaven from April 25th to May 31st and a host of events, seminars and panel discussions on April 26th to 28th, including the April 25th opening and awards ceremony; exhibition of the Life Story of George Eastman; the exhibition “Photography Changed the World”, featuring photographs from the world renowned photography collection at George Eastman House; dialogues with “Power of The Image Award” photographers; and the Workshop of Photographic Preservation and Digital Processing.

Images have been used to record and inspire human development; they will continue to have a far-reaching effect on the past, present and future. The award-winning images in the “Power of the Image” reinforce world peace, the advancement of human civilization, the protection of our environment, and uniquely highlight photography as a way of expression.

Please visit: for information about the “Power of the Image” agendas, exhibitions, photographers and their photographic works in both Chinese and English.

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl Photo Book - Now on Kickstarter


A Retrospective Photo Book by Gerd Ludwig

Captivating images of National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig’s nine visits to Chernobyl in 20 years tell us tragic stories of the life of the victims, the Exclusion Zone and the abandoned city of Pripyat. Ludwig ventured deeper into the belly of the beast than any Western photographer, repeatedly documenting the destroyed rector #4, which will disappear under a New Safe Confinement for at least 100 years. Bordering the site of the worst nuclear disaster to date, the abandoned city of Pripyat might face a similar destiny as authorities decide what to do with it. “As engaged photographers,” says Ludwig, “we often report about human tragedies in the face of disaster, and take our cameras to uncharted areas with the understanding that our explorations are not without personal risk. We do this out of a deep commitment to important stories told on behalf of otherwise voiceless victims.” An essay by Mikhail Gorbachev, the last head of state of the Soviet Union, accompanies Gerd Ludwig’s emotional visual narrative. This book is an important body of documentary work in view of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima 25 years later.



  • Hardcover with a slipcase, 11×12 inches
  • 118 photographs on 252 pages
  • Trilingual in English, German, and French
  • Essay by Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Quotes from Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich
  • Divided into 4 chapters: Victims, Pripyat, The Zone, and Reactor #4
  • Redacted CIA documents, a map, and additional resources
  • Published by Edition Lammerhuber in Vienna, Austria
VICTIMS: At the core of Ludwig’s photographs are the people who continue to suffer this tragedy – they exposed their suffering in the hope of preventing future tragedies like Chernobyl.

PRIPYAT: The crumbling city Pripyat is marked by post-apocalyptic scenes of abandonment – trees growing through streets, schools rotting, and apartment buildings littered with the personal belongings left behind by those who hastily fled their homes in fear.

THE ZONE: In the Exclusion Zone, elderly returnees came back to live out their lives on their own soil, despite the radioactive contamination.

RESOURCES: Redacted CIA documents, a map, detailed captions, a personal essay by Gerd Ludwig, and additional resources give readers in-depth information about the disaster in English, German, and French.

CONTRIBUTORS: An essay by Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev provides historical context, and quotes from the book Voices from Chernobyl, by award-winning author Svetlana Alexievich, provide first-hand accounts of the disaster.
125 Years Of National Geographic At The Annenberg Space for Photography

The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles is an innovative venue and the first of its kind in LA solely dedicated to photography. In October, National Geographic Society turned 125. To celebrate the anniversary, the Annenberg exhibits a selection of 501 photographs (digitally and analog) from the more than 10 million images in their archive. A few of Gerd Ludwig’s images were chosen in the selection.

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